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Many of you have been asking and wondering about where Burks has been recently.  His real name was Alfonso Burks III, and his daughter called me  to let us know that he had passed away this morning.  Many of you know he struggled most of his life to keep his diabetes under control, and that combined with some of his other health issues finally caught up to him.  He was an excellent leader with a dynamic personallity, and he meant a lot to so many of us.  That said, we all have a good Burks story or two.  I would like to try to capture some of those.  So we've started a special thread in the forums for you to post a story, tell us what he meant to you, or just pass on some consoling words to his family.  I will take your posts and pass them along to the family.  I know you'll keep things respsctful.

Additionally, we will be setting up the ability for you to make a donation in his memory.  I'm a senior officer in Lions Club International.  Because diabetes very often affects one's vision, we provide diabetes related assistance to both individuals and research organizations. So if you want, you will be able to donate to the Lions Club in his home town in order to assist with Diabetes research and awareness.  The gift will be given in his name.  I will be able to report back to you exactly what the total of that gift was as well.



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